Sony OLED new release

This was posted on YouTube 23 hours ago, the newest in OLED technology.
Personally I think adaptable screens is a really great innovation with huge potential. Especially with the interface revolution witch Apple and Google seem to have leaded the last years. These companies are growing like no other because of their love of simplicity and usability. The market wants their gadgets to be simple and adaptive, and they deliver.
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Found a pretty cool webpage thats all about innovation. The connect people with ideas with companies etc.
Seems like a really great concept with endless opportunities. The only thing I`m a little disappointed with after the first 5 minute glance is the user interface this page is built with. Seems like a graphic designer would work wonders for this page. Other then that I find  this page fantastic and have applied to get my blog posted on the page.

Check it out at:

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A taste of the sweet future ;-)

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Amazing logistics system by kiva used by and

This seems like a really great innovative system that probably creates huge amounts of value for internet retailers, truly innovative and worth mentioning.

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Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex

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Google ScetchUp

How exciting!! Finally I have made the decision to start a blog. I have been wanting to do this for a long time as I am a strong believer in sharing information with the world and hopefully receive some feedback.

Since this is my first post I think it is in its place to present the program that gave me the idea for this Blog.
Google SketchUp has completely changed the way I visualize my ideas, it is truly one of the most ingenious programs I have ever used.

First let me explain to you how it works. Google SketchUp is a program that lets you easily create a 3d model of whatever is on your mind. That is not a huge innovation in it self but the ingenious thing is that everyone with a computer can use it within I would say 30 minutes. After half a day of playing around in the program I started creating my potential dream house. This is how it ended up.

I think it is great, from scratch I have now built a fully functional 3d model of my potential dream house. Also I have tried this on a few other of my business ideas and for the first time in my life I can see the product with my own eyes, it is truly one of the most helpful tools I have acquired in the last year. And the best thing is that it is absolutely FREE! As long as you just want the “basic” version witch I do not find basic at all.

Download and express your innovations to the world at

Hans Gruber

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